Across Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan and Ontario we have seen an increase of people in financial stress. Auto Finance Express partners with Debt Consultants and Trustees that share the same vision of assisting people with a pathway for success in their future through fiscally responsible decisions!

The upside of filing an insolvency is that you get great relief from debt with a "fresh start". Unfortunately, until you are re-established, you do not have access to decent financing for a vehicle. That is why we are here!

Fitting YOU into the good car credit puzzle!

We are vehicle financing specialists with decades of combined experience, and we will provide a sensible credit solution and get you down the road in your new car! We do this whether you qualify for competitive prime or bad credit car loans, current or discharged bankruptcies, or consumer proposals.

Our part… providing experience and resources for sensible credit building solutions.

We fit you into the good car credit puzzle!

Where bad credits have happy endings!

Turning life around from a financial crisis can be one of the hardest things to experience. When it comes to your car, this is a necessity for your work and family! There are many reasons why you can get rejected by your bank or lender for a car loan, and you may be thinking – NOW WHAT?

Our part… providing financing solutions with lenders that offer fair rates.

Where bad credits have happy endings!

Get ready, get set, drive!

We have a fluid selection of vehicles with unlimited access to hundreds of cars, SUV's, and trucks. We also provide custom purchase for the vehicle that meets the needs of you, your family, and your budget. As you transition from your current financial situation, nothing improves credit more than 36 perfect car payments.

Our part… providing vehicle options with no dealership sales pressure.

Get ready, get set, drive!

Auto Finance Express reset button!

Your vehicle is a tool to help you establish or rebuild your status with future lenders. Instead of fretting over whether you will be approved, give us a call or use our easy credit application for auto financing regardless of your bankruptcy, consumer proposal, or credit counselling status.

Our part… we'll get you back on the road towards better car credit.

Auto finance express reset button!


"After what I was going through, I didn't think I would get approved for a vehicle. That all changed when I spoke with this amazing team. I was guided through the easy approval process, and they found the perfect vehicle for me with a payment I could easily handle. Kind of nice too that my new car was delivered right to my front door. This was such a comfortable experience; sure beats going to a dealership and feeling like I was being judged. Thank you so much!"

Cheryl's testimonial


Edmonton, AB

"Had the most positive experience with Auto Finance Express … can't believe that after having to give up my Jeep Cherokee in my proposal, they ended up getting me a newer model, and $300 less per month than what I was paying previously. Why didn't I know about you sooner, it would have saved me not only money, but the grief and stress of figuring out what I was going to do for transportation! You guys are lifesavers."

Susan's testimonial


White Rock, BC

"After losing my job in the oil patch, we were never able to get caught up with bills. It was a downhill spiral that was making life very difficult for my family. We had to file a consumer proposal for a fresh start. Looking for a vehicle after though was another nightmare with the rates we were facing. A friend referred me to these guys and it was the best thing that happened to us in a long time. Not only did we get a decent rate, but they had us in our Hyundai Sonata within days of being approved. I will tell anyone and everyone to call you for great personalized service!"

Ted's testimonial


Grande Prairie, AB

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